Growing through a PhD

It’s been a while since I posted.  Been busy.  Decided to get a PhD from U of T.  I’m in the Curriculum Teaching and Learning Dept. at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.  This was a dream and it’s finally coming true.  And it is AMAZING!  I have learned so much already.  So much.  One of the biggest challenges has been to move between being a student at U of T and being a university instructor at Brock U.  I admit though, I do identify with my students more now.  I know what it is like to sit in a lecture and have NO IDEA what the professor is talking about.  As a result,  I am more sensitive to their blank stares.   I explain more.  Have them discuss more.   I also did something last week I hadn’t done before as an instructor… I shared one of my own research papers with one of my classes, and not because I was proud of it either.    I had just handed their research papers back and the papers were covered in circles and arrows and constructive feedback comments. My students were deflated.  So I showed them my paper.  It was marked up much more than theirs.  My supervisor had taken the time to show me my mistakes and how to change them.  It was invaluable learning.  I knew this.  It was uncomfortable but how else was I going to grow as a literacy learner?   I was grateful.  So I did the same for my own students.  It took a week, but last night they thanked me.  We are all learning and growing.  Lucky us.