Fitness Literacy

I am aware of math literacy, even fnancial literacy, but Aquafit Literacy is new to me.  I started going a couple of weeks ago, but it became imparative after falling down the stairs the other day.  My stiff body actually longed to get into some deep water and move without hurting.  I can’t believe, however, how much I feel like an ELL student.  “Bulldog”, my instructor calls.  I tread water and stare.  “Skiing”, she calls next.  I continue to tread.  (At least I’m moving!)  “Dog paddle”,  her voice booms across the water.  “I know this one!”  I exclaim and  frantically paddle against the current.  She is patient, my instructor.  I give her that.  Tonight she even called me “honey” when she noticed I couldn’t  do the arms for the ‘Dolphin’.  Funny thing, I responed like any kid wanting postive attention and tried even harder.  I think it may take a few more weeks for me to get the lingo down, but as long as I am enjoying it, feel I am getting something out of it and like my instructor, I have all the components of good literacy learning.  Who knows, maybe in a few months I’ll feel so fit and confident, I’ll try something else… Tae Kwon Do maybe?

Addicted to Audio Books

Well, I have been tracking them, and I have read, ah, well, no- listened to- 67 books in the past 15 months. It’s been a dream.  Myths while I walk, novels while I garden, histories while I clean the house. Even non-fiction! It’s like living inside books. I have learned to remove (eventually cut it off with the gardening shears anyway) my left ear plug so I can remain some what connected to the real world and not totally disregard my husband’s presence in the kitchen. But when I had pnemonia in April and didn’t want to be conected at all to anything real, it was a blessing. The long hours at night with insomnia from the Prednisone were blissfully passed in rest and distration. Of course, there are some hazards, like falling asleep while listening and then trying to find a familiar passage to pick up the story again, or forgetting to recharge and having the story stop in the best part ever! (I have resorted  to jogging home from my walk- still good exercise at least). I am learning to track this better, though.  Can find a lost passage very quickly now and I’m thinner.  Living with technology is a discilpline I intend to keep and grow.  Next step in litercy technology is pod casting my favourite stories- for you!